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FLS Single Side 2L-FCCL


F·RST® FLS series single-side 2L-FCCL possess high Cu-polyimide adhesion strength and high modulus,excellent dimensional stability and thermal resistance. They can be used in high-performance Single-Layer FPC and Multi-Layer  FPC. 

Basic Property

Test Item 

Test MethodIPC TM-650

or other 

Unit  FLS 2018E 
Peel strength  Method2.4.9 B  N/mm  1.2
Method2.4.9 D  1.2
Dimensional stability  Method2.2.4 B  <±0.05 
Method2.2.4 C  <±0.05 
Tensile strengthPI  Method 2.4.19  MPa  200
Solder float at 288  Method2.4.13  Pass 
Chemical resistance  Method 2.3.2  Pass>90% 
Dielectric constantat 1MHz Method  3.4
Dissipation factorat 1MHz Method  0.007
Dielectric strength  Method  V/μm  150
Volume resistivity  Method 2.5.9  MΩ-cm  8.5×10
Surface resistance  Method 2.5.17  MΩ  5.0×10
Flammability  UL-94  V-0