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FIRST Linkman®  has professional, high quality hot-melt web, wire mesh (double side) non-woven fabrics, adhesive net and other products.For years, Linkman® hot-melt film has been salt all over the Chinese market and exported overseas.

Hot-melt adhesive technical data

Type PA110 

Web Non woven


PA Hot-Melt

Weight (g/m2 12-120 
Width(mm)  5-1600 
Melting Point (℃)  110-120
Laminating Temp (℃) 130-140
Laminating Pressure(kgf/cm2 0.3-0.5 
Laminating time (sec)  15-20 
Washing Resistance (℃)  40
Dry Clean resistance Good
Bonding with

Textile(Cotton and many other synthetic fibre), plastic, foam and wood etc.

Processing Method

IR heating system ·Hot plate welding ·Hot roll press welding·Thermo stacking system·Ultrasonic sealing; high frequency sealing or hot plate welding