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Special Functional Type Backsheet—Transparent/1500V High Voltage

Product Series

Model  Structure   Thinckness   Color 
BEF-402 PO/F-coating/PET/F-coating  200μm/5μm/250μm/15μm  White /Black
BEC-301T  F-coating/PET/F-coating  15μm/250μm/15μm  Transparent 


Firstbacksheet®  BEF-402 is a backsheet with more than 1500VDC partial discharge, which consist of PO layer, hydrolysis resistant PET layer and two fluorine coating layers. BEF-402 has excellent insulation and moisture barrier property, which can  meet the application  requirement of high voltage PV modules. 
Firstbacksheet®  BEC-301T is transparent designed as tri-layer structure, which not only has high light transmittance and low haze, but also has excellent insulation performance and long term weather durability property. BEC-301T can be used in building and double power modules with the advantage in lightweight and lamination condition. 

Basic Property

Property Quoted Standard Unit BEF-402 BEF-402B BEC-301T
Color  / / White Black Transparent
Peeling Strength with EVA  GB/T 2790-1995 N/10mm   >100   >100   >100
Water Vapor Transmission Rate   ASTM F1249-2006 g/m2.24h   <1.5   <1.5   <1.5
Comparative Tracking Index IEC 60112-2009 V >600 >600 400
Partial Discharge (in air) IEC 60664-1 VDC >1600 >1600 >1000
Transmittance(400-700nm) GB/T 29848-2013   <5.0   <5.0   >85
Haze(400-700nm) GB/T 29848-2013 / / <25