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Lamination Type Backsheet—KPC/KPK

Product Series

Model  Structure   Thinckness   Color 
BEC-303 F-coating/PET/Adhesive/PVDF  15μm/250μm/15μm  White 
BEF-302  PVDF/Adhesive/PET/Adhesive/PVDF  15μm/250μm/15μm  White 


Firstbacksheet®  BEC-303 has a structure of the PET film sandwiched by PVDF film and Fluorine polymer. BEC-303 has excellent weather-resistance properties, the EVA side provides high reflectivity and strong adhesion, the air side undergoes long-term aging test, which can ensure the safety and stability of  modules.

Firstbacksheet®  BEF-302 is designed as multi-layer structure. Hydrolysis resistant PET acts as middle substrate,  and both sides are laminated with PVDF films by automation precision process. The adhesion between PET and PVDF is high and stable, no delamination at long-term field exposure. 

Basic Property

Property Quoted Standard Unit BEC-303 BEF-302
Color  / / White White
Peeling Strength with EVA  GB/T 2790-1995 N/10mm   >100   >100
Peeling strength at layers  GB/T 8808-1988  N/15mm    >5.0    >5.0 
Water Vapor Transmission Rate   ASTM F1249-2006 g/m2.24h   <2.0   <2.0
 Shrinkage150*30min , MD/TD   GB/T 13542.2-2009 %   <0.5/0.3   <0.3/0.3