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Coating Type Backsheet—CPC

Product Series

Model  Structure   Thinckness   Color 
BEC-301 F-coating/PET/F-coating  15μm/250μm/15μm  White 
BEC-301B  F-coating/PET/F-coating  15μm/250μm/15μm  Black
BEC-301C F-coating/PET/F-coating  5μm/250μm/8μm  White /Black
BEC-301D F-coating/PET/F-coating  15μm/270μm/15μm  White /Black


Firstbacksheet® BEC-301 is a series of coating type backsheets designed as tri-layer structure with hydrolysis resistant PET and weather-resistant fluorine polymer. They are widely used not only in distributed power  system but also in the high UV and sandstorms’ large ground power plant, with the excellent performances.

Basic Property

Property Standard Unit BEC-301 BEC-301B BEC-301C BEC-301D
Thickness  / μm  280 280 263 300
Peeling Strength with EVA  GB/T 2790 N/10mm   >100   >100   >100   >100
Comparative Tracking Index IEC 60112 V 600  400  400  600 
Partial discharge IEC 60664-1 VDC >1000 >1000 >1000 >1500 (in oil) 
Application Environment / / All   Roof-top Non-desert North America