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White series EVA film


Product introduction

F•RST® F806W EVA is a white encapsulant specifically designed for the backside encapsulation of normal PV modules and double-glass PV modules. It is used between cells and rear materials.
F•RST® F806W EVA is characterized as highly reflective. Its unique optical property can increase the effective utilization of light ultimately enhancing the power output of PV modules.  F806W EVA also provides a solution for white overflow appearance issues in processing of modules.

Product application and the path of light in the module

Performance parameter

Properties Test Method Units F806W
General gram weight FST Method g/m2 430±20
Thickness  FST Method mm 0.55±0.05
Length FST Method m/roll 150
Width FST Method mm Customization0/+7
Melting range FST Method 40-80
Shrinkage Rate(120,3min) GB/T29848 MD% <5.0
TD% <2.0
UV-Cutoff Wavelength FST Method nm 370
Reflectance 1100nm-380nm GB/T29848 % ≥90
380nm-290nm % <10
Gel content GB/T29848 Gel% >75
Volume Resistivity GB/T29848 Ω·cm >1.0×1014
Strength of Peeling from Glass GB/T29848 N/cm >60
Strength of Peeling from TPT GB/T29848 N/cm >40
Note: The gram weight, thickness, length and width of product can be customized.