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Super fast-cure series EVA film


Product introduction

F•RST® Su406 & Su806 EVA is a super fast-cure type encapsulant product. The lamination time can be decreased to 10min~12min when modules are encapsulated using Su406/Su806 EVA. While the PV module productivity can be greatly increased with Su406 & Su806 EVA, excellent durability, as well as PID and snail trails resistance will be exhibited.

Crosslinking Property

Performance parameter

Properties Test Method Units Su406 Su806
General gram weight FST Method g/m2 430±20 390±20
Thickness  FST Method mm 0.55±0.05 0.50±0.05
Length FST Method m/roll 150 150
Width FST Method mm Customization0/+7 Customization0/+7
Density ASTMD792 g/cm3 0.95-0.96 0.95-0.96
Melting range FST Method 40-80 40-80
Shrinkage Rate(120,3min) GB/T29848 MD% <3.0 <3.0
TD% <1.5 <1.5
UV-Cutoff Wavelength FST Method nm -- 360
Transmittance 1100nm-380nm GB/T29848 % >91 >91
380nm-290nm % >80 <30
Gel content GB/T29848 Gel% >75 >75
Volume Resistivity GB/T29848 Ω·cm >1.0×1015 >1.0×1015
Strength of Peeling from Glass GB/T29848 N/cm >60 >60
Strength of Peeling from TPT GB/T29848 N/cm >40 >40
Note: The gram weight, thickness, length and width of product can be customized.