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Type Model Polyimide Thicknessμmmil Copper Thickness μmoz/ft2 Feature

Single side


FLS 12.50.5,200.8 121/3,181/2
Dimensional stability <±0.05%
Peel strength>12N/cm
Tensile strengthPI>200MPa.

Double side


FLD 200.8,251.0 121/3,181/2

Dimensional stability<±0.05%

excellent dimensional stability, thermal resistance, and high reliability.


FLS & FLD series 2L-FCCL is supplied in standard widths of 250mm (9.84in) or 500mm (19.68in). Roll length is 50m (164 ft) or 100 m (328 ft) on a core. Other sizes are available by special order.

Storage Condition

FLS & FLD series 2L-FCCL is warranted for one year from the date of manufacture when stored in the original packaging at temperatures of 4-29℃(40-85 oF) and below 70% relative humidity. The products do not require refrigeration and should not be frozen.