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Forster's rapid development has led to the urgent needs of all kinds of personnel, we pay attention to the development of employees, in the interior of Forster, we provide a variety of training opportunities and a competitive open platform.

The company has a sound welfare system, and other housing subsidies, service fees, etc.. The company has a training center, library reading room, gymnasium, stadium and other facilities, and the organization of the cultural and sports competitions and the annual tourism activities.

We warmly welcome to love the photovoltaic industry, has a strong sense of professionalism, responsibility and good team work sense of the outstanding talents to join Forster!

If you are interested, please send your resume to the human resources department., we will contact you in time.
Job Department Place of employment Publish date Manipulate
Quality Director Quality Dept. Lin’an Hangzhou 2017-04-26 [Apply for]
Executive Director General manager office Lin’an Hangzhou 2017-04-26 [Apply for]
Director of mechanical engineers Technical Equipment Dept. Lin’an Hangzhou 2017-04-26 [Apply for]